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Still have questions about GNetX® Sequence Multivitamins? Most people don't realize there is an option to have a multivitamin formula that looks deeply into your genetic makeup. Unlike any other multivitamins on the market.

The answer to that question has many parts that range from different vitamin needs based on published research to various health and disease risks within our community.
Our mission is to tailor a multivitamin specifically for us that maximizes the benefits and helps minimize the risks.

Men and women have different vitamin needs at different levels and different ages. Sequence developed four formulas to address the unique needs of younger and older women and men.

When vitamin D levels in your body are too low, it can cause deficiency symptoms that can result in low energy, joint pain, and moodiness. Extreme deficiency can be associated with an array of health concerns.
Sequence Multivitamin-designed formula with vital minerals and vitamins that contain much more Vitamin D to help assist in the deficiency many of us may have due to our diet, environment, and darker hue.

Vitamin E does have many known benefits, but its deficiency is also associated with significant health issues. Research suggests that vitamin E may also be linked to the increased risk of inflammatory ailments. However, studies show that melanated people do not tend to be vitamin E deficient.
Why risk increasing the risk if there is no deficiency?
For these reasons, we felt it was safer to leave vitamin E out of a formula. Our mission is to provide a multivitamin specifically designed for our needs.

Zinc is an essential trace element critical for various biological processes and proper immune function.

Studies have associated Zinc deficiencies with being linked to an array of health issues - however, taking a vitamin that contains Zinc can assist in a healthy immune system to support your overall wellness.

Zinc’s antiviral activity has been confirmed against various viruses, and the science of how Zinc either prevents infection or slows viral spread is well-established*.

Magnesium's health benefits have been linked to supporting heart health, helping to lower blood pressure, and aid in blood sugar management*.
Within our genetic makeup, it has been documented that we store lower magnesium and less consumption as a population, which may result in higher blood pressure and heart issues and, therefore, a greater need*

Numerous population studies have documented lower levels of potassium within our community.

Our diet's potassium intake is reportedly substantially less than that of other ethnic groups. This low potassium has been linked to the higher occurrence of health issues.

For this reason, the GNetX® Sequence Multivitamin formula contains more potassium to help support health and wellness.

Clinical research will continue as advances in nutraceuticals progress. GNetX® Sequence Multivitamins is committed to monitoring these scientific outcomes and adjusting our formulas accordingly.
All vitamins are not equal, nor are they always beneficial. Taking a multivitamin tailored for your genetic family gives you the best opportunity for maximal health.

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